Footwear for Diabetics and Problem Feet - Instride Aerostride Mens

Footwear for Diabetics and Problem Feet - Instride Aerostride Mens



Individuals with diabetes must take extra caution when it comes to caring for their feet. Due to nerve and blood vessel damage caused by fluctuating sugar levels, diabetics often experience reduced sensation in their feet (peripheral neuropathy). Consequently, it can be more difficult for people with diabetes to detect injuries or infections when they occur. Impaired blood flow in these individuals also hampers the healing process, making it harder for injuries, such as foot ulcers, to heal.

Diabetic shoes are specifically designed to provide support, protection, and, most of all, comfort. Today's article focuses on the Instride Aerostride Mens shoe, a diabetic shoe that promotes optimal foot health and overall well-being.

The Instride Aerostride shoe is one of the best diabetic shoes around with a wide toe box.

Suitable footwear for diabetic feet

The Instride Aerostride shoe was made to reduce foot irritation and decrease the workload on the feet. Here are a few key features that make it a suitable option for diabetic feet:

A custom fit system

People with diabetes are more prone to foot complications, such as retracted toes. Poor circulation can also cause intermittent swelling of the feet and ankles. To address these issues, the Instride Aerostride offers a unique solution. With two removable insoles that can be used in any combination, these shoes have the flexibility to create extra depth when it is needed for any foot shape.

This innovative design also allows for custom orthotics if more arch support is needed. Up to eight millimeters of depth can be created if the individual is wearing socks or using a shoe insert.

Flexibility for superb comfort

The flexible design of the shoe's forefoot section further accommodates for foot problems such as retracted toes. This part of the shoe is made of a stretchy neoprene material that helps to alleviate pressure and keep the feet comfortable.

Along with supportive footwear, individuals with diabetics should be sure to keep their sugar levels in check.

Seamless and convenient

The Instride Aerostride shoe features a seamless interior. There are no protrusions that could cause friction or pressure points. The shoe also has a convenient Velcro adhesion system which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off. For elderly individuals or those with limited mobility, this added convenience can be very beneficial.

An anti-slip outsole plus a supportive midsole

An anti-slip outsole provides shock absorption and reduces the risk of falls. An EVA midsole offers heightened cushioning and support, reducing wear and tear on the feet.

Anti-microbial technology

To keep the feet healthy, the Instride Aerostride shoes have an anti-microbial shield woven in with the seamless lining. The material inhibits the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms, facilitating disease control. The growth of bacteria and fungi can also cause unpleasant odors. Anti-microbial materials help combat these odors, keeping the feet fresh and healthy.

Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk for foot pain, foot swelling, and skin breakdown.

A firm heel counter

Our heels undergo a lot of pressure throughout the day. Shoes, such as the Instride Aerostride, that have a firm heel counter encourage stability and balance.

Therapeutic footwear includes more than just diabetic shoes

In addition to diabetic shoes, there are also diabetic socks designed to combat infection and the risk of amputation. These socks are meant to provide cushioning, prevent blisters, and also limit bacterial infections. The Ergonx Ergo Socks are perfect for sensitive feet as they maintain circulation without constricting the leg. They are high-performance, lightweight, and breathable.

Diabetic footwear, which includes shoes and socks, should help keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Diabetic shoes play a vital role in tackling the unique challenges that diabetic feet face. They are a crucial tool in maintaining foot health and warding off complications. By providing a supportive environment, they keep the feet aligned and comfortable. However, it's also important to remember they are just one piece of the puzzle. Regular foot inspections, good hygiene, and staying connected with your healthcare team are all equally critical. By incorporating diabetic shoes into a comprehensive foot care routine, one can take proactive steps towards protecting the feet and optimizing overall well-being.

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