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Choosing the best running socks is an important part of any runner’s equipment. As a podiatrist there are aspects of good running socks that we often consider that a general runner may not. Some of these aspects will be beneficial to the runner’s performance and others will be points of comfort that will not enhance performance but enhance enjoyment.

Choosing a pair of socks for running can be as critical as choosing your running shoes. Take your time and select this carefully.

Often Runners, both weekend warriors and more serious, will obsess over every detail of their running shoes, such as the pitch, brand, durometer of the sole, tread pattern and stability features. Similar attention should also be paid to the selection of a good sock to run in. There is also a section of runners that do not pay enough attention to the selection and materials and features of their socks.

From a foot injury standpoint, I am happy to say this portion of the running market is shrinking. A properly fitted sock sock is a critical piece of equipment for a runner that is looking to maximize their performance and limit their time away from running due to injury. Not all running socks are created equal, and not all running socks perform equally.


When we are choosing our socks it is important to keep in mind that the goal is usually to keep our feet cool and dry. This makes them more comfortable and less likely to macerate and blister. 

Coolmax yarn helps to regulate temperature and moisture management more effetively than natural fibres like cotton or bamboo.

Moisture management

Many running socks on the market today are designed with a moisture (sweat) management system, which helps to pull moisture away from your skin and prevent it from building up. This can help keep you dry and reduce the risk of a blister or other foot irritations. Fibres such as Coolmax offer exceptional durability, breathability, quick drying and moisture-wicking to regulate the temperature during runs.

A pair of socks with silver infused yarn can help to manage the bacterial load on the foot and limit foot odour better than cotton or bamboo socks.

Silver-Infused Socks

Silver-infused socks incorporate minuscule particles of silver that are interlaced into the fabric. Silver possesses inherent antimicrobial qualities that assist in hindering the proliferation of bacteria. By suppressing the growth of bacteria, these socks also limit the development of unpleasant odours, ensuring that you smell clean and fresh.

  • Protect the ankle(medial and lateral malleolus) – A site of irritaiton during running can often be the ankle around the medial and lateral malleolus (ankle bones). If we choose a sock that creates a recess for the malleolus it can greatly decrease the chance of irritation at this site.

  • Protect the ankle or “medial malleolus” by selecting the correct cuff height.

  • Protect the ankle or “lateral malleolus” by selecting the correct cuff height.

Temperature Regulation – Generally the shorter cuff socks are better at this as they allow the heat to dissipate more easily. If you are looking for a sock that you can wear year round then often a lower cut sock will be the best sock as they can perform well in both hot and cold environments.

The cuff height can provide additional firmness to the ankle or calf. This is especially true for socks designed for athletic or medical purposes, which may have a higher cuff to provide extra protection during physical activity or to improve blood flow in the legs. Most runners however do not require a higher cut sock.

Finally, the cuff height can also be a fashion statement. Different cuff heights can create different looks and styles, and can be paired with different types of shoes or outfits to achieve a desired look.

Arch Compression Band

The midfoot band in a sock is designed to provide firmness and stabilization to the arch of the foot. This band is usually a stretchy material that fits snugly around the midfoot area, just above the midfoot.

When you wear socks with an arch compression band, it helps to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, which can help reduce fatigue and prevent injuries. It also helps to keep the sock in place, preventing it from sliding down or bunching up around the toes.

The arch compression band is a small but important feature that can make a big difference in the comfort and performance of your socks.

Y Shaped Heel help to fit the anatomy of your feet.


Y-shaped heel: The Y-shaped heel is designed to match the natural curve of your heel, providing a better fit and reducing the risk of slipping or bunching. This helps to prevent blisters and chafing that can occur when socks don’t fit properly.

Wide Toe Box – Ergonx Ergo Fit Socks.


Wider toe box area: A wider toe box area allows your toes to spread out naturally, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort. It also helps to prevent conditions like Morton’s Neuroma, which can occur when the nerves in your foot become compressed due to tight footwear.

Left and right socks to fit the metatarsal formula of the foot.Ergonx Ergo Fit Socks.


Left and right socks match the metatarsal formula of the foot: Left and right socks are designed to match the shape of each foot, providing a more precise fit and reducing the risk of blisters and chafing. This is especially important for runners, as the repetitive motion of running can exacerbate these issues.

Blind Seams to help to limit irritation. Toe socks would be the next step if you continue to get irritation around your toes.


Blind seams: Blind seams are flat and smooth, reducing the risk of irritation and blisters that can occur with traditional seams. This is especially important for the toes, which are particularly susceptible to blisters and chafing.

The anatomical design of a sock is an important factor in preventing foot injuries and ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable run. By choosing socks that match the shape of your foot and provide adequate support and cushioning, you can help to reduce your risk of blisters, discomfort, and other foot problems.

It is important to care for your running socks properly to maintain their performance and longevity.

Following these care instructions, you can help to extend the life of your running socks and maintain their performance capabilities.

  • Machine wash: Machine washing is the best way to clean your socks thoroughly. This helps to remove dirt, sweat, and bacteria that can accumulate during your runs. Handwashing may not be as effective at removing these particles, which can lead to odor and bacteria buildup.

  • Tumble dry on low: Tumble drying on low heat is the recommended method for drying your running socks. This helps to maintain the integrity of the moisture-wicking fabrics, such as Coolmax, by preventing shrinkage or damage from high heat.

  • Do not use bleach: Bleach can damage the fibers in your running socks, causing them to break down and lose their performance capabilities. Avoid using bleach, and instead use a mild detergent that is gentle on the fabrics.

Do not wash with fabric softener: Fabric softeners can leave a residue on the fibres of your running socks, reducing their ability to wick moisture and preventing them from performing at their best. Instead, use a detergent that is free of fabric softeners and additives.

Following these care instructions, you can help to extend the life of your running socks and maintain their performance capabilities.

The Best Running Socks for Different Occasions

Lightweight Running Ankle Socks: These socks are great for warm weather and short-distance runs. Look for socks that are made with moisture-wicking materials like Coolmax to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Thicker Cushioning Underfoot: If you’re running longer distances or on rough terrain, you may want to opt for socks with thicker cushioning underfoot to provide extra support and reduce the risk of injury.

Running socks are an important piece of gear for any runner. They can provide support, cushioning, and moisture-wicking properties to help keep your feet comfortable and reduce the risk of injury. Whether you prefer compression socks, merino wool, or sweat-wicking technology, there are plenty of options available on the market today to meet your needs. By choosing the right pair of socks for your running routine, you can help ensure that your feet stay happy and healthy mile after mile.

We believe that we have come up with the best socks for all round wear that combines the best of all of the features discussed above and it will suit most conditions and most runners. Try the Ergonx Ergo Fit Socks for yourself.

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