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Look for insoles that are soft, but not too soft

What to consider when buying orthotic insoles?

Orthotic insoles (shoe inserts) are supportive insoles used to adjust the foot mechanics into a more functional position.  Orthotics work by changing the way in which the foot interacts with the ground. When selecting an orthotic insole for your foot there are a number of things that need to be considered.   The activity you are performing, for example, golf, tennis or basketball, your activity level, for example running 2km vs running 42kms and what type of foot pain you are trying to cure or prevent (eg heel pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, heel spurs or flat feet).

Reduce strains if you stand on your feet all day

Orthotic Insoles for Plantar fasciitis and heel pain (morning heel pain)

Plantar fasciitis occurs when there is overuse and microdamage to the plantar fascia causing it to become inflamed.  This type of heel pain is often worse in the mornings or after resting.  Choosing an orthotic insole for plantar fasciitis is aimed at reducing the tension in the plantar fascia which will allow the plantar fascia to rest and heal.  This is achieved by using a fulll foot support to support the arch and cushioning the foot. Extra foot suppor reduces pain and strain on the feet.

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Orthotics for arch pain help to relieve the symptoms by limiting the amount of arch collapse.

Orthotic Insoles for Arch Pain

Arch pain often occurs when our patients have a condition called a flexible flat foot.  When a person has a flexible flat foot the arch collapses under weight bearing.  When the arch collapses it strains the supporting ligaments of the foot.  Because walking is very repetitive (over 10,000 steps per day), this repetitive collapsing causes pain and inflammation in the ligaments of the foot. Orthotics for arch pain should be aimed at adding extra support to the arch and reducing the amount of arch collapse and pronation.  A soft but bulky insole used to pack up the arch, provide extra support but not irritate it is ideal for arch pain.

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Use orthotics to provide support and take pressure off the heel spur

Orthotic Insoles for Heel Spurs

Heels spurs (or plantar heel spurs) are related to plantar fasciitis.  When there is an increase in the tension in the plantar fascia from over pronation or arch collapse, the increase in tension causes the origin of the plantar fascia to become overworked.  This extra pressure causes the bone to react and grow a heel spur.  Orthotics for heel spurs should focus on arch support and also cushioning the heel.  The arch support will help to limit the spur growth, and the heel cushion will make the foot more comfortable while it recovers.

Stop pain from collapsed arches

Orthotics for Flat Feet & Collapsed Arches

Flat feet or flexible fate feet are unstable because the movement when the arch collapses places extra strain on the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the foot.   Repetition from walking (10,000 steps per day) causes wear and tear on the functional structures of the foot and this leads to pain.  Orthotic insoles to treat flat foot should focus on supporting the foot and also cushioning the foot to limit the forces from impact and slow pronation

Causes of Over Pronation - Feet collapse inwards and then the arches flatten

Orthoses Over Pronation

Pronation is when the foot rolls towards the midline of the body.  When the foot pronates the joints of the midfoot unlock and the foot becomes an inefficient lever for propulsion.  Forces are placed unevenly over joints and ligaments, and muscles work harder.  Orthotics to limit over-pronation focus on both supporting and cushioning the foot.  Supporting the arch and foot limits the overall amount of pronation and cushioning the foot will help to slow the speed of pronation, which will limit the forces and damage from over-pronation.

Use orthotics to provide support and take pressure off the heel spur

Orthotic Insoles for Foot Pain

Pain in the feet is often caused by excessive foot motions such as over pronation, that when repeated over and over when walking causes wear and tear on the foot.  Orthotics aimed at fixing mechanical pain from over pronation should limit the amount of excessive pronation and cushion the foot for comfort.

Use insoles for better shock absorbing

Orthotic Insoles for High Arches

Feet with high arches are generally poor shock absorbers. When choosing orthotic therapy for a high arched foot needs cushioning without the chance of over-correction. Different materials provide extra support, and some provide extra cushioning. Our PU foam insoles like the “Ultra Soft” and the “Pure Cushion” are the best insoles for high arched feet that need extra cushioning and extra support to improve comfort.

Bunion pain - Orthotics stop over pronation and reduce the wear and tear on bunions.

Orthotic Insoles for Bunions

Bunions occur when the foot overpronates and the 1st toe joint becomes twisted. Orthotics to treat bunions are aimed at controlling over-pronation with the aim of allowing the 1st toe joint to function in a straight (non-twisted) position.

Orthotic Insoles for Running

Because of the repetition of running, even small mechanical problems in your feet can cause foot pain, shin pain, knee pain and even lower back pain.  Orthotic insoles for runners should be supportive enough to limit (but not always eliminate pronation) and be comfortable enough not to irritate the foot.  A full length soft orthotic insole is a perfect insole for running.

Orthotic Insoles for golf shoes

Golf is a unique situation when it comes to orthotics.  We need support during the walk, but then we also need freedom for weight transfer during the swing.  The ultra-soft orthotic will provide the perfect amount of support and freedom for golf shoes.

Orthotic Insoles for Tennis

Orthotics for tennis need to support and cushion the foot without making the foot unstable from over correction.  A 0 degree wedged orthotic with long high arch support and cushioned is the perfect insole for Tennis.

Orthotic Insoles for Basketball

Basketballers need orthotics that will cushion and support their feet.  Because sprained ankles are always a concern for basketballers we don’t want to wedge the foot due to the chance of overcorrection and ankle sprain. 

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