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Ergonx Slimline

Ergonx Slimline

  • Perfect for people on their feet all day
  • Great for men or women who want extra support without the extra bulk
  • Works in large variety of shoes, or where insoles aren't removable
  • Patented hook back heel means heel doesn't rub / slip on back of the shoe
  • Half length insole means toes don't rub on top at front shoe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Anita A.

The ergonx inserts are compact and effective. They fit in any shoe type and are very effective in both flats or heels. I have four pairs and use them amongst all my shoes, from everyday wear to evening. I definitely recommend this product.

Suzy L.
Fabulous slimline orthotics

Searched everywhere for orthotics that were not full length that would fit into all my shoes. Finally came across ergonx. I have broad feet, and now, due to the slimline and half length of my new ergonx orthotics, I can wear more comfortably, ALL my shoes. The design of them means they do not slide inside the shoe, whilst putting shoes on. Great for gym shoes, sneakers, hiking boots, dress boots and even high heels. I am a very very happy customer.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're so glad to hear that you find our Ergonx Slimline to be comfortable. Happy and safe wearing!

Sim H.
Fits well with RM Williams Tambos

Has made my Tambos much more comfortable without adding unwanted thickness to the sole.

My only suggestion is to avoid the adhesive buttons that come with the soles and use a strip of thin double sided tape instead. The adhesive buttons came off within a week for me and resulted in the sole slipping forward.

Thank you for your feedback on the Ergonx Slimline product. Have a great day!

Abe S.
A very good insole for the dress/casual shoes

I love how the slimline insole can be very versatile and be used on my other formal and casual sneakers, very good arch support helps my feet a lot and the pain is gone. One thing to be improved is the velcro, it does not stick strongly, with the narrow shoes works completely fine without the velcro but for other shoes that have a more slippery sole, the slimline keeps on moving and cause discomfort .

John T.
Comfortable and compact

Excellent products great arch support and the slim fit work in all my shoes

Drew S.
Perfect for formal shoes without removable sole

These inserts work really well on my RM Williams boots. No more heel pain at the end of the day in the office!