Most Popular Orthotic Insoles Used by Podiatrists

Most Popular Orthotic Insoles Used by Podiatrists

Orthotic Insoles Used by Podiatrists – What is the most popular?


When it comes to foot pain and overpronation, finding the right orthotic insoles can make a huge difference. In the podiatry clinic, there is an off-the-shelf option that stands out as a popular choice among patients—the Ergonx Ultra Soft Orthotic insole.

In today’s post, we discuss the benefits of Ergonx Ultra soft orthotic insoles and explore why it is the insole of choice for many patients and podiatrists alike.

Benefits of Ergonx Ultra Soft Orthotic Insoles

The Ergonx Ultra Soft insoles are great for flat feet, heel pain, and knee pain.

The stepping stone to custom orthotics

The Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotic insoles serve as a stepping stone to custom-made orthotics. They are particularly useful for individuals who are transitioning into custom orthotics or those experiencing difficulty tolerating them. In other words, the Ergonx Ultra Softs can be employed as a training orthotic. Patients can use them to gradually adjust and prepare their feet for custom orthotics which usually have a longer adjustment time.

Promotes optimal foot alignment

One of the key features of the Ergonx Ultra Soft insoles is its high, long arch support. This design is meant to limit overpronation, a common cause of foot pain. Overpronation occurs when the foot rolls excessively inwards, causing the arch to collapse, and placing strain on the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. By limiting overpronation, these insoles can help alleviate various foot problems such as heel pain, arch pain, and ankle pain.

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Conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet, can greatly benefit from orthotics that promote proper foot alignment.

Feels like walking on a cloud

The Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotics are made from a soft polyurethane foam, which has multiple advantages. Firstly, it provides almost immediate comfort upon wearing. The springy makeup of the foam redistributes pressure along the foot as it strikes the ground. By spreading out these forces, these insoles minimize overuse strain and make walking for long periods more comfortable.

Strategic cushioning for high-pressure areas

The Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotics have softer cushioning areas at the heel and forefoot. These areas are placed in high-pressure areas that are prone to the highest amount of wear. The use of foam in other areas helps keep the insole lightweight while still supportive.

Lateral arch support for enhanced stability

While most people are aware of the prominent arch on the inside (medial) of the foot, most are unaware that the arch extends to the outside (lateral) side of the foot as well. Supporting both arches is crucial to promoting stability and reducing foot aches. The added arch support on the lateral side of the Ergonx Ultra Soft insoles keeps the foot in a neutral position that is optimal for movement.

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Flat feet and fallen arches can contribute to other conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and shin splints.

Customizable and long-lasting

The Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotic insoles can be further customized to meet patient needs. Podiatrists can add attachments such as metatarsal domes or wedges to address specific foot issues. This customization allows for personalized support and improved comfort.

Additionally, these insoles are made to last. The upper is made from a durable anti-bacterial material that keeps up and reduces odours from overuse.

In conclusion, the Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotic insoles offer exceptional arch support, shock absorption, and durability. Its targeted cushioning system and lightweight material mean your feet will be working most efficiently to keep you moving.

With its ability to promote proper foot alignment, reduce foot pain, and prevent overuse injuries, it is not a surprise that the Ergonx Ultra Soft insoles are a popular choice that patients and healthcare providers return to time and time again.

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have about the Ergonx Ultra Soft orthotic insoles! Reach out to us at if you would also like to learn more about orthotics and overall foot health!

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