I Have High Arches – Which Docpod Provides the Most Support?

I Have High Arches – Which Docpod Provides the Most Support?


In today’s blog, we’re answering a question we frequently receive in the clinic: “If I have a high arch foot, which Docpod should I use to get the most support in my shoes?” 

Orthotic insoles and what they do for high arches  

Before we jump into the answer, it’s important to first understand how orthotics treat foot problems. Orthotic insoles are specialized shoe inserts employed to provide additional support and alignment for the feet. They can improve foot function, alleviate pain, and promote proper foot mechanics. Individuals with high arches often experience increased pressure on certain areas of their feet, such as within the plantar fascia. Orthotic insoles can help to redistribute weight more evenly across the foot and reduce the strain on these vulnerable regions.  

People with high arches are at higher risk of developing foot pain, corns, and calluses



If I want the most support, which orthotic should I choose? 

Here at DocPods, we have three orthotic insoles that could benefit individuals with high arches: the full-length Ergonx Sports, the Ergonx 3 Quarter, and the Ergonx Slimline. All three insoles have the same arch profile but they vary in their level of support and bulkiness. 

The Ergonx Sports 

Of the three, the Ergonx Sports is the longest and most supportive insole. It offers exceptional arch support, making it a great fit for individuals with high-arched feet. This insole is meant to be used with shoes that have removable insoles as it replaces the shoe’s insole. If maximum support is what you’re looking for, the Ergonx Sports is the perfect choice. 

The Ergonx Sports is a full-length orthotic that provides an outstanding amount of support. 

The Ergonx 3 Quarter 

The Ergonx 3 Quarter comes in second place in terms of support. While it still offers substantial arch support, it has a slightly reduced length. As a result, it lacks the forefoot support that the Ergonx Sports has. Due to its smaller size, the Ergonx 3 Quarter is a great option for those who want support in a shoe that doesn’t have the room to accommodate a full-length insert. 

The Ergonx 3 Quarter is great for those who want extra heel support. 

The Ergonx Slimline

The Ergonx Slimline is the least bulky of the three. It provides the lowest amount of arch support and was specifically designed for shoes with limited space (e.g. women’s boots, mules, or slip-on shoes). To create the Ergonx Slimline, a portion of the heel cushioning was removed from the Ergonx 3 Quarter. The biggest advantage of this orthotic is its versatility. It can be used with a large variety of shoes, including those without removable insoles. If you want enhanced support without extra bulk, these are the best choice for you. 

The Ergonx Slimline is perfect for individuals who are on their feet for long periods. 

All in all, choosing the appropriate orthotic can be a gamechanger for anyone with a foot problem. High-arched individuals, in particular, can benefit from the right amount of support and cushioning. DocPods offers three orthotic insoles for high arches: The Ergonx Sports, the Ergonx 3 Quarter, and the Ergonx Slimline. Each provides a different level of support and varies in their size. Depending on your foot’s needs and your shoe type, one may be more suitable than the others. Making the right choice can help you optimize your comfort and the functionality of the orthotic. A well-chosen insole can be just the tool you need to maintain healthy, happy feet. 

Comment below with questions about supportive insoles, high arches, and taking care of your feet. You can also reach out to us at ergonx.com.au to learn more! 

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