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Reduce strains if you stand on your feet all day. Plantar fasciitis often occurs when the plantar fascia is strained. This often occurs in people who stand for long periods, or wear shoes that are not supportive.

Ergonx Ultra Soft

Softness allows you to run, walk or jog for longer
Great for flat feet, heel pain & knee pain
Best suited to sport soled shoes

Ergonx Slimline

Great for those who want extra support without the extra bulk
Works in large variety of shoes, or where insoles aren’t removable
Particularly good for flatter, "Mary Jane" style shoes

Heels spurs (or plantar heel spurs) are related to plantar fasciitis.When there is an increase in the tension in the plantar fascia from over pronation or arch collapse, the increase in tension causes the origin of the plantar fascia to become overworked.This extra pressure causes the bone to react and grow a heel spur.

Pain in the feet is often caused by excessive foot motions such as over pronation, that when repeated over and over when walking causes wear and tear on the foot. Orthotics aimed at fixing mechanical pain from over pronation should limit the amount of excessive pronation and cushion the foot for comfort.

Pure Cushion

Whole of foot comfort & support
Shock absorbing hexagon gel design
Super soft upper
Highly flexible and durable
Thick soft foam layer for immediate comfort
Antibacterial upper
30 Day Comfort Guarantee
Good for people who need a special fit
With a wide range of sizes XXS to XXL

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How to trim orthotics to fit into shoes

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