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Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On (Hydrogen) Black

Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On (Hydrogen) Black

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  • AUS Podiatrist Designed
  • Free size exchange if unused
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AUS & NZ Safety Standards Approved (Click To Expand)

Heel Counter Material
Yes - 2.0mm A grade thermoplastic - Rigid

Steel free?


Safety toe material? Fibreglass composite + scuff protector

Upper material?
Full Grain Leather

Lining Material?
Moisture Wicking Mesh

Outsole / Midsole material? EVA Shock absorbing + anti slip

Torsional Stability (Shank)
Yes - Very rigid embedded shank

Penetration Resistance


Slip Resistant

Resistance to Hot Contact

Resistance to Fuel Oil

    • Steel Toe Equivalent Composite Safety Toe Cap (Airport Friendly)
    • Relieves Plantar Fasciitis
    • 10+ hrs all day comfort / lightweight
    • Stop Aching Feet, Knees & Back
    • 6 mth outsole warranty
    • Includes Orthotic Insoles ($49.95 value)
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 31 reviews
      Kaz H.
      Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On

      Top notch boots. Support and comfort. They put my old work boots to shame. Having flat feet and walking on uneven surfaces all day these boots have assisted tremendously with foot pain and alleviating knee ache.
      Highly recommended.

      Thank you for recommending our product, we truly appreciate your support. Have a great day ahead!

      Sea Change

      I've always had the Steel Blue work boots and thought they were meant to be great, but happened to find the Ergonx online and thought the reviews look great so why not give them ago. These things are great, so easy to slip on, more roomy & comfortable especially with the arc support. Would never go back to the old brand.

      Thank you for leaving a review for our Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On in black. We're happy to hear that you found them instantly comfortable and are looking forward to breaking them in. We hope they continue to meet your expectations and keep your feet safe. Have a great day!

      Matthew C.
      Best work boots ever

      After being a tradie for Nearly 30 years. These are definitely the most comfortable work boots I’ve ever worn. Even after working for 12 hours my feet are still happy wearing them. A+

      Quality Work Boots

      After 30+ years struggling to find suitable work boots for my feet These Ergonx boots have been the best for my feet They required only a couple of days of wearing in & are now very comfortable to wear all day Not to heavy, don’t rub or give sore spots on my feet
      Well worth buying

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On! We are thrilled to hear that they have been the best fit for your feet after struggling for so long. It's great to know that they only needed a couple of days to break in and are now comfortable for all-day wear. We appreciate your support and are glad they are worth the investment. Thank you for choosing our product!

      Irene W.
      Best Work boots

      I've been looking for boots that doesn't hurt my heel. And ergonx is perfect. Been on boots for 10 hrs a day, ergonx really helpful, no more feel sore on my heel and waist. Thank you ergonx.

      We're glad to hear that our Ergonx Safety Boots have helped with your heel and waist pain. Thank you for choosing Ergonx!

      Quality shoes

      Quality shoes,in work shoes categories, tried many shoes,some of them does job but very heavy.this shoes light and all essential features that ever work shoes must have.happy with purchase. Might buy one more pair with laces .one without laces they are super comfy for on n off too.thank you

      Hi A.T

      Thank you for your review! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase of the Ergonx Safety Boots Slip On. We take great pride in providing quality and comfortable work shoes for our customers. Your feedback means a lot to us and we appreciate your support. Thank you for choosing Ergonx and have a great day!

      Ergonx Customer Service

      Podiatrist Review: It's what's on the inside that counts


      The ultimate arch support work boot

      The ultra-soft arch support insole helps to further cushion the foot,  reduces fatigue, and makes our work boots extremely comfortable. By supporting the arches of the feet it helps to rest the supporting ligaments and muscles of the feet.

      Comfort like never before... Our work boots come with as many features on the inside as they do on the outside! From additional padding to stop heel slipping to 300 degree heat tested soles…

      It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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      Roomy toe area

      Podiatrist perfect fit

      Our boots are made in a 2e fitting standard fitting but with a roomy toe area. Just like when you are fitting your shoes, the width of a work boot is very important to accommodate the toe and have the right forefoot support to prevent foot pain.

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      Built for Work

      Designed to reduce arch pain, heel pain, back pain

      Stop warranty claims, pain & fatigue with inbuilt (airport friendly) shank to prevent twisting and bending in all of the wrong areas

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      Work boots you can wear… anywhere

      We have modernized the traditional steel shank by changing the material to polypropylene to make it airport friendly and lighter. The shank helps to add stiffness to the boot which helps to reduce strain over the middle of the foot and prevent foot pain.

      Uneven ground can be difficult to work on, so when working on rough or uneven job sites it is best to have a more rigid boot that works with the natural movements of your feet. The embedded shank adds stiffness only allowing bending where your foot bends.

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      Light weight, flexible & durable where it matters mostRow

      The lighter the shoe the less work you do carrying the boot around the site. While it is difficult to keep the weight of a boot with so many features down, our work boots are at the lighter end of the weight range. This will help to limit fatigue at the end of a long day.

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      Australian & NZ Safety Standard Approved Workboots

      Ergonx Elements Safety Work Boots are tested to meet Australian & NZ Standards

      Composite Toe Cap / Steel Cap Equivalent: We have replaced the traditional steel cap with a composite protective toe cap.  The steel cap in most modern safety boots has been replaced with a composite cap. P = Penetration resistance: Penetration resistance plate included in the footwear. A = Antistatic: To prevent the build-up of electricity to cause a spark. E = Energy Absorption: Extra shock absorption under the heel. SRA = Slip Resistant:  Slip Resistant ‘Ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulfate’ HRO = Resistance to Hot Contact: The outsole does not melt, char, crack or craze when coming in contact with the 300℃ surface for one minute.

      The Test Standards Safety Toe 200 Joules Impact Benefit:

      The footwear protects the wearer’s toes against the risk of injury from falling objects when worn in industrial and commercial environments where potential hazards occur with the following protection plus, where applicable, additional protection. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019 Standard. To test the safety toe /safety shoe with a drop strike test machine at an impact energy of 200 Joule, the clearance under the toecap shall be by the standard of different sizes. Where: Toe

      Safety Toe 15’000 Newton Compression Benefit:

      The footwear protects the wearer’s toes against the risk of injury from crushing when worn in industrial and commercial environments where potential hazards occur with the following protection plus, where applicable, additional protection. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019 Standard. To test the safety toe with the plate of the compression machine until the load of 15000 Newton has been reached, the clearance under the toecap shall be by the standard of different sizes. Where: Toe

      Safety Insert 1100 Newton Anti-Penetration Benefit: 

      The footwear prevents the wearer’s feet from puncturing or being injured by sharp objects or nails. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019 Standard. To test the whole sole assembly using a truncated nail of diameter 4,5 mm and a force of 1100 N. Where: Penetration resistance insert

      A: Antistatic Footwear – Anti Static Electricity Benefit:

      Static electricity finds ground through the boots. The purpose is to prevent the build-up o causing a spark. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019 Additional Classification. Antistatic Footwear. After conditioning in a dry and wet atmosphere, the electrical resistance is above 100kΩ and less than or equal to 1000kΩ.Where: Through the sole and insole of the boot. E: Energy AbsorptionBenefit: Superior shock absorption under the heel. See ‘Cushioning’ below for more details. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019 Additional Classification. Energy Absorption of Seat Region. Passes the test for shock absorption under the heel. Where: Under the heel

      SRA: Slip Resistant with sodium lauryl sulphate on Ceramic Tiles Benefit:

      Provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent a fall when working on soapy wet tiles. What: Australian & NZ Standards AS 2210.3:2019. SLS (soapy water) solution on ceramic tile test. The slip resistance coefficient o contact is ≥0.28, and the slip resistance coefficient with whole shoe flat contact is ≥ 0.32. Where: Outsole